Thursday, 28 June 2012


I am surrounded by hoarders
Hoarders of opportunity
Who speak with mouths closed
Shake with hands clasped
And interact with bated breath
Scared to let something go

They are scared
To give away what they perceive
To be an unfair advantage
Help a brother take that next step on the ladder
Share information to make another's future brighter
They are scared

They never learnt to count past ONE
See past I's
Be that ONE
That smiles when another shines

They are hoarders
Of secrets not theirs
Of too many boxes
Of too many boxes of untapped happiness
Which they would expereince
If only they opened their boxes
And just

Friday, 8 June 2012


 I am tired of waiting
For a future that will not come
As tomorrows yield tomorrows
That make today question whether it ever went to sleep
I am tired of dreaming

Its time hope found me