Wednesday, 18 April 2012


The best laid plans are best laid on a shelf
Where reality can’t touch them
And life doesn’t get to strike them
The best laid plans are best laid out on a shelf

It’s like these shoes
These are my shoes
I didn’t borrow them
I spent good money on them
They looked so pretty on the shelf
They are meant to fit me
I just had a trip
That invoked flashbacks of the last ankle break
And visions of
A new blue cast
To match the pretty blue skies
That I will only get to see from my pretty blue sheets
If I break this ankle
Because of these shoes

But these are my shoes
I spent years trying to grow into them
Time trying to fill them
Collecting diploma after diploma
Degree after degree
Flying from country to country
Bouncing from continent to continent so fast
They should have called me airplane
All just to
Make a name
Pave a way
Implement a well laid plan
That seems to have found its own way
I thought these were my shoes

It’s like 30
I had plans for 30
We were meant to stroll hand in hand into fun
Having got the basics down
You know the drill
Husband - check  
Career   - check
House - check
Kids, I don’t know let’s say half check

The job centre wasn’t on my list when I made those plans but...
I had plans for 30
But now I see her a week off
And my heart beats so fast
Till my chest can’t hold it
But my eyes behold it
Racing down the street
To beg time to slow down & stand still
Just for one moment
One moment long enough to let me breath
One moment long enough to realise one dream
One moment where clarity marries me
And gives me a clue
About the genesis to my exodus
From what I thought was a well laid plan

 Lot got what he wanted
Abraham looked like he didn't
But eventually he  got what God had promised
Look who fared better
These are my shoes
I don’t understand why they still don’t fit
But I know these are my shoes
So channelling Abraham
I am just going to stand here, sit here, and wait here
Kneel here, until God hears
And fills my shoes

written on 17th April 2012


Sunday, 8 April 2012


If they told me death was the destination
I’d turn around, find another way instead
If they said my blood would suffice
I’d renegotiate, everything has another price
If I could choose gain and just skip the pain
They won’t have to ask me twice

If I was God looking down
Would I really come down to this?
Beautiful people acting ugly
Transient emotions trapping freed people
Brothers killing brothers just for money
Prosperity preachers getting richer of the poor’s pocket money
I would not come down to this
But he did

Seeing the cross he kept going
Perceiving their thirst for blood
He was forgiving
Seeing me as I am
He was accepting
There was no negotiating
No relenting
He just took the pain
Said I was worth it as his gain

So my Easter is everyday
I know I can’t repay him
My Easter is everyday
I’m thanking God Jesus saved me.